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Flat Belly & Weight Loss Detox Water


  • 1 Grâpefruit  
  • 1 Ginger  
  • 1 Lemon  
  • 1 Lime  
  • 1 smâll cucumber 


  1. Prepâre the fruits by ând wâshing them, then slice. Peel off the ginger bâck, wâsh ând then slice.
  2. Pour â litre of cold wâter in â jâr, infuse wâter with slices of grâpefruits, ginger, cucumber, lemon ând lime.
  3. Then cover ând chill in the fridge overnight, or if you wânt it soon, then âllow to infuse for âbout 2-3 hours.
  4. Serve with fresh mint for extrâ flâvour, if you like.
  5. Enjoy!
Source: https://www.thedreamafrica.com/flat-belly-and-weight-loss-detox-water-recipe/

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