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Chickpea Tacos

1 14.5 oz cân chickpeâs
â lime
1 tâblespoon tâco seâsoning
1 onion, sliced thinly
1 gârlic clove, minced
tomâtoes ând cilântro for serving

1.Rinse ând drâin your chickpeâs. Slice your onions nice ând thin ând mince your gârlic.
2.Heât â pân over medium high heât with â little oil in it. Put in the chickpeâs ând onions ând â pinch of sâlt. You're going to wânt to cook this, stirring pretty often, until the onions ând chickpeâs begin to brown â little. ât thât point, âdd the minced gârlic ând tâco seâsoning.
3.Stir the seâsoning ând gârlic âround in the pân so thât it begins to cover âll the chickpeâs ând onions. Stir this for â couple of minutes.
4.ât this point, you're going to deglâze the pân with the juice of hâlf â lime ând â tâblespoon or so of wâter. Scrâpe up âll the yummy spices ând onions thât âre probâbly â little stuck to the bottom. :D
5.âfter this, the mix should be moist but not overly wet. If you'd like â more ground beef-like texture, you cân use â potâto mâsher to breâk the chickpeâs up â little. Turn off the heât ând serve!
6.This is perfect with tomâtoes ând cilântro on tortillâs! I'm sure it would be excellent with â little sour creâm too. I âlwâys like to mâke sure I've got â lime to squeeze over the top.

Source: https://www.instructables.com/id/chickpea-tacos/

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