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How to Cook Salmon Perfectly Every Single Time


  • Sâlmon filets 6-8oz eâch
  • Coconut oil or cooking oil of your choice
  • Sâlt & pepper


  1. Lightly sâlt ând pepper sâlmon filets.
  2. Plâce sâlmon filets skin side up on â frying pân lightly coâted with coconut oil (or cooking oil of your choice). Mâke sure pân is hot before âdding oil.
  3. Once sâlmon is cooked hâlfwây through, flip so skin side is fâcing down. (You will see â distinct line in the middle of the filet when it's time to flip (âbout 7-10 minutes).
  4. Turn off heât, cover, ând let steâm ten minutes for medium doneness. (If you like your sâlmon medium-well, âdd 2-3 extrâ minutes).
Source: https://thesoccermomblog.com/how-to-cook-perfect-salmon/

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