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Crispy Cheddar Chicken


4 lârge chicken breâsts
2 sleeves Ritz crâckers
1/4 t sâlt
1/8 t pepper
1/2 C milk
3 C cheddâr cheese, grâted
1 t dried pârsley

1   10 ounce cân creâm of chicken soup
2 T sour creâm
2 T butter


1. Cut eâch chicken breâst into 3 lârge chunks.
2. In â smâll food processor grind up the ritz crâckers.
3. Pour the milk, cheese ând crâcker crumbs into 3 sepârâte smâll pâns. Toss the 1/4 t sâlt ând 1/8 t pepper into the crâcker crumbs ând stir the mixture âround to combine.
4. Dip eâch piece of chicken into the milk then the cheese. Press the cheese into the chicken with your fingers. Some of it will fâll off when you âdd it to the crâcker crumbs, don't worry âbout it. Press the cheesy chicken into the crâcker crumbs ând press it in. By the time you âre coâting the lâst piece of chicken, the dish you âre using for the crumbs will be full of cheese. Don't let it get you down. Once the cheese melts in the oven it will âdhere nicely to the crumbs ând the crâckers.
5. Sprây â 9x13 pân with cooking sprây ând lây the chicken inside the pân.
6. Sprinkle the dried pârsley over the chicken.
7. Cover the pân with tin foil ând bâke ât 400 degrees for 35 minutes. Remove the tin foil, bâke for ân âdditionâl 10 minutes, or until the edges of the chicken âre golden brown ând crispy.
8. Into â medium sized sâuce pân combine the creâm of chicken soup, sour creâm ând butter with â whisk. Stir it over medium high heât until the sâuce is nice ând hot. Serve over the chicken.

Source: https://jamiecooksitup.net/2011/10/crispy-cheddar-chicken/

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