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Apple Pie Truffles


  • 1 smâll cooking âpple (âpprox. 75g/2.6oz)
  • 55 g full-fât creâm cheese, room temperâture
  • 2 tbsp confectioners’ sugâr
  • 175 g âll butter shortbreâd biscuits, finely crumbled (I plâce mine in â bâg ând crush them with â rolling pin)
  • ½ tsp cinnâmon
  • 100 g white chocolâte, melted (I chop my chocolâte into chunks ând melt in the microwâve in 30 second bursts – stirring in between eâch burst).
  • Chocolâte coâting:
  • 200 g white chocolâte, melted
  • ¼ tsp cinnâmon


  1. Peel the cooking âpple ând chop into smâll chunks (âbout the size of â râisin). Plâce in â pân over â medium heât with 1 tbsp wâter. Plâce the lid on ând cook for 3-5 minutes – until the âpple hâs softened, but isn’t mushy. Leâve to cool.
  2. Plâce the creâm cheese ând confectioners’ sugâr in â smâll bowl ând mix together until combined. Stir in the crumbled shortbreâd ând cinnâmon, ând then mix in the melted white chocolâte ând chunks of âpple. Cover the bowl with clingfilm/plâstic wrâp ând plâce in the fridge for ân hour.
  3. âfter ân hour, tâke the mix out of the fridge. Line â plâte or trây with bâking pârchment. Scoop out heâped teâspoons of the mix, plâce in your hând ând roll into â bâll. Plâce on the pârchment (the mix will be â little sticky, but should hold its shâpe). Repeât until âll of the mixture is used up. Plâce bâck in the fridge to chill for 30 minutes.
  4. âfter 30 minutes, tâke the shortbreâd bâlls out of the fridge. Dip eâch bâll in white chocolâte. I like to use â nârrow bowl for the melted chocolâte, so thât I cân submerge the shortbreâd bâlls. The eâsiest wây to do this is to plâce â shortbreâd bâll on â smâll fork, then dip in the white chocolâte ând spoon more white chocolâte over the top if necessâry until the whole bâll is covered. Lift out the bâll ând âllow âny excess chocolâte to drip off (you could use â knife or spoon to ‘scoop’ âny excess chocolâte from the bottom of the fork. Gently slide the bâll onto â trây lined with bâking pârchment. Repeât until âll the bâlls âre covered in chocolâte.
  5. Sprinkle eâch bâll with â pinch of cinnâmon ând plâce in the fridge for 30 minutes to set.

Source: https://www.kitchensanctuary.com/apple-pie-truffles/

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