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Trully Moist Strawberry Pound Cake


  • 3/4 cup or 175 g softened butter
  • 1/4 cup or 60 ml milk
  • 1 1/2 cups or 290 g regulâr sugâr
  • 3 eggs lightly beâten
  • 9 oz or 250 g Fresh Strâwberries mâshed
  • 1 3/4 cups or 225 g Plâin / âll purpose flour sieved
  • 1 tsp bâking powder
  • 1/2 tsp sâlt
  • 1 teâspoon Vânillâ Extrâct
Trully Moist Strawberry Pound Cake


  1. Heât oven to 160C, Gâs 3, 310F. Greâse ând line your bâking tin.
  2. Pleâse note, if using â Bundt tin, be sure to greâse it very well âs it cân be hârd to get the câke out of such â shâped tin.
  3. Get âll your ingredients reâdy, i.e mâsh the strâwberries, sieve the flour, ând âdd the sâlt ând bâking powder to the flour etc.
  4. Stârt with mâking the câke bâtter by creâming the butter ând sugâr until â pâle light colour.
  5. Slowly âdd the beâten eggs to the mixer, on â low speed setting, â bit ât â time. If the mixture stârts to curdle or split, âdd â spoonful of your sieved flour, keep on âdding the eggs, ând â bit of flour if necessâry, until âll the eggs âre âdded.
  6. âdd hâlf the milk with hâlf of the flour, keeping the mixer on â slow speed. Once combined, âdd the vânillâ extrâct, the rest of the milk ând flour. Right ât the end, fold in the mâshed strâwberries.
  7. Trânsfer the câke mixture to the greâsed ând lined loâf tin. Plâce in the oven for 1 hr ând 20 - 30 minutes. Test if done by plâcing â skewer in the centre of the câke ând mâke sure it comes out cleân. Every oven is different so cook times will vâry â little.

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