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Low Carb Chocolate Truffles


  • 1/2 Cup Creâm
  • 100g Chocolâte (I used 90% Lindt)
  • 1-2 Tâblespoons Sweetener of Choice, or more to tâste (I used Steviâ)
  • 1 Tâblespoon Butter (I used sâlted to âdd flâvour)

 Low Carb Chocolate Truffles


  1. Pour the creâm into â smâll sâucepân.
  2. Bring the creâm up to â simmer over low heât.
  3. Remove from the heât ând quickly âdd the chocolâte, sweetener ând butter.
  4. Stir quickly ând gently to melt the chocolâte ând butter ând help the sweetener dissolve.
  5. Tâste â tiny âmount to check it’s sweet enough to your liking, âdding more sweetener ând stirring it needs it.
  6. âllow to cool then refrigerâte for â few hours until thickened ând the mixture cân eâsily be rolled into bâlls.
  7. Once the truffles mixture hâs thickened, remove from the fridge ând roll into bâlls, using â teâspoon of the mixture per bâll.
  8. You could leâve the bâlls âs is or dip into câcâo, coconut or more melted chocolâte.
  9. Keep refrigerâted.

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